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 Personal Property Tax Declaration Filers..... 

Welcome... to our 18th season providing Personal Property Declaration filing services for Connecticut Municipalities.  Our software is provided Free of Charge to all users.**

New Filers:  (Open for new users and non-subscribers October 10th.)  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ Tab), for basic user information and be sure to explore the various sections in our Sample Declaration.  You will find easy to use input screens with convenient links for filing instructions.  Select "Print Options" to see exactly how your printed forms will look on screen before printing.  Please adjust your printer margin settings to maximum before printing and be sure that you are working from a pc with sufficient available RAM in order to upload all of the printed pages onto your screen.  Can't find the "Print Options" menu AFTER you open it?  Check the file tabs at the bottom of your screen; your print options menu was hiding behind your other screens that you had opened!  Any problems?  Just reboot your pc and give us a call.  We will be happy to assist you.

Note:  Please give attention to special instructions indicated in red that may appear on some input screens. First Time User Log-In.

Paid Subscribers:  Your historical data has been migrated into your 2022 declaration.  Note that individual category data is not automatically carried forward into the "Summary" page until that category is "Saved".  Please review each category that you are reporting in, make necessary changes, add the 2022 data and then be sure to "Save".   Important...If you have Lessee/Lessor or Exempt Manufacturing Equipment Listed items carried over from 2021, you must review each item and resave for items to show on your 2022 printed form.  Your list will automatically be sorted by acquisition date for easier review. 

Note: The revised M-65-1 for Exempt Manufacturing Equipment is again available this season.  The M-65-1 and the itemized equipment list will be available by selecting the PLUS subscription.  The former Supplemental form is no longer required.

 (**Paid Subscription Services are offered separately to those desiring special conveniences.)


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