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All businesses owning Personal Property in Connecticut are required to declare their property in each municipality no later than November 1st.

Free E-File and Filing Software available to all businesses.

Monroe, Connecticut – October 1, 2006 – Every year at this time, all businesses must report their personal property, owned or leased, to the local assessor no later than November 1st.  Typically, blank forms are mailed to known owners to fill out by hand.  If a business has property in several municipalities, they must file separately in each municipality.  One can just imagine what an out-of-state leasing company with property in 169 Connecticut municipalities faces every year to comply, especially when many towns use modified versions of the standard form.  Because of the decentralized tax system, no town considered it cost effective to provide electronic filing.

CTTFB, Inc, a privately owned Company, took the initiative to provide the solution.  CTTFB designed and developed an electronic filing program, E-File, for the filing of annual personal property declarations, which they offer Free of Charge to all Connecticut Municipalities as well as the business owners that file.  Harry Mottram, the corporation’s president, said that “this was a natural transition from our ‘Tax Compliance’ services since we had already built the patent pending system software tools for the ‘Compliance’ program.”  Mottram, a retired State Trooper, founded a successful company addressing vehicle registration tax fraud before starting this company in 2002.  “Historically, Personal Property has been grossly underreported in many municipalities.  ‘Ease’ of compliance is a critical factor in addressing overall compliance.  One Texas company that leases property in over 100 Connecticut Municipalities told me last year that they don’t file because they never receive the forms from the municipality.  They said that they would take their chances and play the ‘audit lottery’ game, which they are winning because they never have been audited!   For cash poor municipalities, this is a ‘win-win’ situation since it doesn’t cost them a dime!” 

Even if E-File is not set up for a given town, the software is free to use by the filing business.  They just have to print the declaration and mail it in.  The municipality still benefits since they receive a neat printed return in lieu of a hand-scribbled one.  It’s a big time-saver for sure!”

For more information, see CTTFB’s web site at or call 203-268-6669 or 866-550-6669, toll free.  


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