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Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I start filling out the declaration and then quit without completing it, do I have to complete the registration process all over again next time?

No, your pass code has been permanently assigned to the registered entity. You will not be able to register again for that entity.

2. Do I have to complete the entire form at one sitting?

No, you can complete your declaration during a number of visits if you wish. If E-File is available in the municipality you are filing, once the E-File affidavit is completed, your data is locked. If you are using our site and printing your declaration for mailing, you will have unlimited access to your data until November 10th of that year.

3. Why do you save the data until November 10th of the filing year?

We give the user ample opportunity to access their data, modify it if they wish, and print copies. We added an arbitrary 9 days for those filing late. Separately, E-File data is saved until batched and sent to the municipality.

4. Does E-Filing my Property Declaration expose me to a greater chance of audit?

No more or less than filing your Federal or State tax returns on-line! It's not the methodology for filing, but the information reported that puts you on the top of the audit list.

5. Why should I use the free software and/or E-File? I've been doing it the same way by hand for years.

The software helps you prepare your declaration clearly and accurately. You won't have to worry about simple arithmetic errors that may bring attention to your return. Also, error prone areas such as Disposed property or Leased property are easily completed. Often, lessees fail to declare their leased property thinking that they have no liability. According to Section 12-57a of the Connecticut General Statutes, they could be liable if they fail to declare their leased property.

6. My Property Declaration is confidential. Do you use my declaration information for any other than official or contractual purposes?

No, we do not sell, disclose, or distribute your information to anyone. We protect your confidential information until it is disseminated to the Municipal authority under the E-File agreement, or is erased on the stated cut-off date, unless you subscribe to one of our data services. We do keep data for statistical purposes with no specific identity association. Please refer to the Subscriber/User agreement for the specifics


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