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Personal Property Declaration Subscription and Services

Helping to make the filing of next years Personal Property Declaration a lot easier, saving you time and money, we offer the following services:                                                                                                                            

Our Basic Subscription Features:   Only 15.99 (plus tax)

      Save time searching for this years data next October when preparing to file again as your data will be ready and waiting for you on-line.

       Your information will be securely maintained and made available 24/7 through    November 1, 2019. 

Our Professional Subscription adds these Features:  Only 19.99 (plus tax)

         Your historical data will be carried forward and formatted into the 2019 Declaration ready for adjustments
            and the addition of new data. 

       No need to re-enter lease descriptions, Lessor information, etc. as they will be ready and waiting. 

             Stay current during the year with your disposed assets and leases..After the end of the filing season,
             enter data relevant to next years declaration at any time.  [Did you know......If a Lessee fails to list their
             leased property, the tax liability is defaulted to the lessee.  CGS 12-57a(b)]

          Look up answers to your filing questions using direct links to the relative section of the Connecticut Tax

      Receive these continuous benefits from now through the next filing season, inclusive.

Our Professional PLUS Subscription provides all of the above PLUS:  Only 29.99 (plus tax)

           Electronic version of the M-65-1 Exemption Form with unlimited Itemized list capability to support your Exemption Claim.  Your historical data will be saved and carried forward into next year's list saving much time  and effort next season.     

For All Subscribers . . . . With your first subscription, Subscribers are provided with single pass code access to a "Subscriber's menu" that simplifies the process of registering additional declarations, while maintaining a list of filings in a convenient drop down menu format.          

Its inexpensive and cost effective.  Just think of the time saved and the convenience of it all.  Clear and accurate reporting reduces filing errors, minimizing audit potential and professional embarrassment.  There is no risk in subscribing either.  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee!


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